name: elenor averies

age: 16

gender: girl

personality type: ISFP

birthday: june 22, 1988

zodiac: cancer


Elenor is a nice girl. She is sensitive and shy usually, but nice to people she knows well. She enjoys sewing, reading, gardening, and knitting, other traditionally feminine hobbies. Her favourite color is light purple and makes her own clothes, some accessories light purple.

She usually wears a buttonup grey dress with stars, planets, and wears a light purple belt and purple gloves. She is never seen without gloves, usually her purple gloves, but on occasion she will wear different gloves. She doesn't like the idea of people seeing her hands. She likes to wear a yellow heart hairclip in her red hair.

When Elenor was young, she grew up in a difficult environment. As a kid, she was more outgoing and sociable, as she got older she was bullied a lot in school. She became more nervous and uncomfortable around people. She developed a strong anxiety and is tries to cope with it in different ways. Elenor can be easily frightened by sudden loud noises. She can be very uptight in public, she tries to act what she thinks is normal. Elenor has a lot of weird dreams.

She takes a lot of refuge in her room, where she spends the majority of her time alone. It is in a sweet style, with lace, lots of pink, a few stuffed animals, satin, and old-lady style furniture. She has a small library of books in her room, mostly informative and textbooks.

She loves to learn. She really likes astronomy and learning about space, as well as geology and plant life. She also has books about knitting, crochet, sewing, cross stitch, quilting, gardening, cooking, and baking. She likes learning new things from books, and will look at different garage sales and second hand sales.

Claude was adopted by her family when she was a teenager. It was weird at first, but quickly they got along well and found they had a lot in common. She has a website but doesn't understand a whole lot about coding, she asked Claude for a lot of help with it. Her website is primarily a blog, but she also has pages where she shows off her craft projects and shares recipes.