name: matilda daphne clearwater

age: 20

gender: girl

personality type: INTJ

birthday: april 1st, 1985

zodiac: aries


Matilda was born on the moon in 1985.

She grew up with her sister, Amelia. They were raised in an orphanage where they were left alone often. They both developed a love for technology and a fascination with earth culture.

One day, an entire dead mall was shot directly into space, which collided with the moon. The lunar community placed an atmospheric dome around it that Matilda worked to fix. Amelia and Matilda decided to move into the mall once it was done and encouraged others to join them. The two of them created an infrastructure for wireless communications as well as two robots named Kit and Selestal.

While her Amelia was more interested in art, pop culture, and fashion, Matilda became interested in computers and earth technology. Matilda owns a repair shop in the moon's mall and works on almost any kind of technology. Betweeen repair orders, she has a few projects she likes to work on. She tries to research and learn whatever she can about the enviromental domes everyone exists within, through observation and digging for files on people's servers on earth. She also hosts the carrotnet, a collection of websites and file servers that power the moon's e-infrastructure. A few earthlings have figured out how to connect and create websites hosted on her server, which greatly interets her. Everything she knows about earth is from anime, cartoons, and things she reads on the internet.