name: selestal

age: mentally 19

gender: girl

personality type: ESFP

birthday: december 1st

zodiac: sagittarius


Selestal or Seles is a robot girl created by Amelia and Matilda. She is a robot they use for general tasks and prototyping/testing out new programs, so some aspects of her personality or memory can be inconsistent. Her AI is programmed to work on a very small amount of RAM so 80% of things captured into her short term memory are discarded. Most of the time, she has difficulty discerning which memories to keep and discard. For this reason, she will often carry a small pen and paper journal/diary with her to write down things, like what happened that day, passwords to certain ROM memory addresses, people she met, feelings she felt. She has sloppy handwriting almost looks like a secret code.

She has stupid tendencies and makes a lot of mistakes but it doesn't bother her.Sometimes, she will forget her basic drivers and knowledge, like how to do basic math or read or use her legs. Because she used to overwrite her "knowing how to walk" drivers so often, Matilda made her special knee-high boots with that knowledge hard-coded in. There also extendable wheels at the heel, like heeleys, so if there is a total malfunction she can slide around. She likes using her shoe wheels on a regular basis. She has a tail that helps her balance with such heavy shoes, but she does not always have her tail installed.

She would be distressed by forgetting so many things in the past, but she decided one day it was better to live in the moment and experience the joy of being alive and sentient for what it is, and to her, the point of being alive is to have as much fun as possible everyday.

She likes 2000s web culture and memes, vocaloid especially, miku, teto, rin, and len (she asked Matilda to make her a voicebank for this reason), cute/shiny/neon/sparkley things, fairy kei and decora fashion, and people who will listen to her talk/let her be HYPER.

She does not like forgetting important things/people, complex concepts, and when people don't take her seriously. She thinks of Kit, her fellow robot, as a little sister (despite kit being more mature). She views Amelia as her mom, and Matilda as her aunt. She can swap out her cat ears (which are flush with her hair) with bunny ears as well as, hatsune miku pigtails, teto hair drills, other silly things. These extensions don't serve any functional purpose, other than the bunny ones which help her blend in when interacting with other bunnies in public on the moon. While she does have her dumb, mischievous, and selfish moments, she has an overall silly kind nature.