name: sprite

age: mentally 15

gender: boy

personality type: ISFP

birthday: July 22nd, 1999

zodiac: cancer


Sprite is a nice, sensitive robot boy. He was originally designed as a "human" emotional AI who could replicate human emotions, then his original creator repurposed his AI for battling other robots on a gameshow. He didn't do very well because of his pacifist personality. He's very softhearted and emotional, and gets embarrassed easily. His form was originally built from the scraps of a soda machine, and he has a minifridge inside of his chest where he can hold food, drinks or soda, though he doesn't like to do this. His head and some other parts were found in dumpster after he lost the battle gameshow. Claude rebuilt him with a slightly modified design.

He had to relearn everything he knew about the world after being rebuilt while dealing with his fears. He is naturally shy and timid but he's very nice when you get to know him. Sprite likes small animals and plants, and he finds gardening really therapeutic.

His robot body is a young teen in appearance, his body is paper white with gray seam lines along his face and limbs. His hair is yellow and green as well, he has used a wig before finding an alternative metal blocky form for hair. Sprite's eyes look like they have glasses, but that's really just how his thick eyes look, they were taken from 2 very small crts intended for portable television. His eyes are yellow and green triangles with a split between them. He has a few USB 2.0 ports on the back of his neck, VGA and composite outputs, and an ac adapter/charging port. In a pinch, you could use one of his eyes for troubleshooting.

His main battery is in his chest behind the fridge, though he does have a backup battery in his brain. If his head was unscrewed, he can stay powered on for 48 hrs before powering off. Because he only has RAM in his head, if he is not reattached while powered on, he will suffer from memory loss. He can put into an energy saving sleep mode during this time to save battery.