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name: Melvie

age: young adult

gender: girl

species: fruni

subtype: watermelon wormcat

planet: Gorshmeld

Melvie was born in 3073 on the planet Gorshmeld. She was born as a kitten, who was left inside a watermelon.

She became irradiated as she ate parts of the watermelon to survive. Also inside the watermelon was a worm, who she formed a symbiotic relationship with. It became attached to the back of her neck. This worm is named Lerch, it speaks mostly telepathically and in whispers. Lerch speaks words of wisdom as well as complaints.

Melvie is a self-described scene girl who loves emo music. She likes to wear hair extensions, band t-shirts, and a crushed velvet skirt. Her favourite band is My Chemical Romance.